Subscription Box

Our packaging and delivery is as important to us as the food inside the box.

In summary your Home Dining food box is fully insulated, Chilled, Recyclable, Eco Friendly, Made, supplied and delivered by Yorkshire companies.


Mainly recyclable, the glass is recyclable and even the box is eco friendly!...the only item that shouldn't be put in your recycling is the film.

Your food will arrive chilled as it is packed inside a woollen insulated sleeve with a freezer pack ....and they too are both recyclable!

We have teamed up with Leeds based Mailbox Express to use their green fleet for delivering our Home Dining boxes to your door in time for your evening meal.  They have been based in Leeds for 26 years, nearly as long as Sous le Nez has been welcoming guests to the Leeds restaurant!


Mailbox Express will not leave a parcel without receipt or safe place instructions so please don't forget to leave your instructions and mobile phone number so the courier can contact you with any questions.


As soon as you receive your Home Dining box, please refrigerate the contents until you are ready to eat.

" handled with care"