Cheese Course add on box

Cheese Course add on box

A selection of 4 finest European cheeses all chosen by our cheese mad chefs !! Comes with fruit chutney, grapes and cheese biscuits. £10


Bleu d'Auvergne

Creamy ivory colour, dotted with blue-green mould due to the Penicillium roqueforti which gives the cheese its typical bluish-green veins. It is aged for minimum 4 weeks, by which time the cheese showcases its assertive flavours and smooth texture. The rind is moist and sticky unveiling a soft paste with a grassy, herbaceous, and (with age) spicy, peppery, salty, pungent taste.


Saint Andre

Triple crème cow's milk cheese produced in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France. It has a high fat (75%) content because it is further enhanced with heavy cream, making it dense, buttery and rich. The rind is covered with a velvety and powdery bloomy mold while the inside is ivory white in colour.


Tomme de savoie

A mountain cheese with a natural mould rind, semi hard textured raw cows milk cheese, from the Savoie mountains.



Is a soft ripened cheese from Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France. It is made from cow's milk with white, bloomy, edible Penicillium candidum rind.


( Cheese subject to change due to supply )

Chefs tip, Leave your cheese selection to come to room temperature before serving to release the depth of flavour and texture.